Workflow - Extract Anonymized Metrics Using Utilization Extractor


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Rampiva Automate provides reporting and metrics for jobs that have been executed with Rampiva Scheduler. This article describes the process to download and install the Rampiva Utilization Extractor and export the anonymized metrics for analysis by Rampiva or a third party.


  • Utilization Extractor v 5.1.3 or above

  • Nuix 7.8 or later


A. Download & Install Utilization Extractor


Download the Rampiva Utilization Extractor.


Extract the contents of the downloaded file to the default Nuix Scripts directory:


B. Run Utilization Extractor


From the Scripts menu in Nuix Workstation, launch the Rampiva Utilization Extractor.


Select the Settings button and type the Nuix Case Locations to be scanned. Then Click OK.

UNC and Drive paths are both supported. If using UNC, ensure that the Windows user has access to the specified location.


Optionally, select the Exclude cases created before date filter option to scan cases that were created recently.


Click the Refresh button to begin scanning the case locations specified in the Settings menu.


Cases from older versions will display an error in the Notes section. Rerun the Utilization Extractor using the same version of Nuix Workstation as the case, or Migrate the case prior to executing the Utilization Extractor.



When the Utilization Extractor is complete a Save As prompt will be displayed. Save the files to a suitable location.


The Rampiva Utilization Extractor will create a number of files.

C. Send Anonymized Utilization data to Rampiva for Analysis


The output from Utilization Extractor can be emailed to for additional analysis.

Ensure you only transmit the anonymized version of the json data created by Utilization Extractor.