Automate - Using Allowed Parameters to Retrieve Evidence Lists


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Rampiva Automate introduced Allowed Parameters in version 4.3.0. Allowed Parameters enable Automate administrators to restrict user workflow inputs, populate a dynamic pick list or even authenticate to a database based on user credentials. Allowed Parameters are an advanced configuration option and provide significant workflow scale and functionality. This guide outlines the steps required to create an Allowed Parameter that will query a location on the filesystem. This will allow an Automate user to select one of the location items, when running a workflow. This guide outlines the functionality for Evidence Lists, but can be adapted to retrieve folder names as well.


  • Rampiva Automate v4.3.0 later

  • Clients and Matters must be in use


A. Configure Workflow


Identify the operations that will use the Allowed Parameter. In the example workflow, we’re adding an Allowed Parameter for {evidence_list} to the Configuration Operation.


Update the Add Evidence Operation to include the {evidence_list} parameter.

Be sure to select the scope option of Evidence Listing. Ensure that the Evidence list provided matches the format in the Rampiva Workflow help file. See the Workflow user guide: for more information.


B. Configure Scheduler


From the Clients tab, select and edit the Client to receive the Allowed Parameter.

Allowed Parameter restrictions can be set at the Client Pool, Client, or the Matter level. If a script is not Matter specific, it’s recommended to add it to the Client or Client Pool level.


Add the Allowed Parameter name value. This value should match the value used in the Workflow operation(s).


Add the value to be used in the Allowed Parameter. In the example, we’re adding a python script that performs a file system lookup that will populate a pick-list in the job setup screen in Rampiva Scheduler.

When using scripts as Allowed Parameters, the input value must be formatted properly to identify the script language used.


Allowed Parameter text value:

1 python:T:\Scripts\listFolders_EvidenceList.txt

C. Configure Script


The sample Python script predefines the base location where data is stored using the baseFolder variable, and the pattern for building the path to the folder containing the evidence list files using the evidenceList variable – update these as appropriate for your environment. This will allow the script to look at the directory and identify any files or folders in that location. The names of the files will be displayed in the job setup window of Rampiva Scheduler.

Example full path of our evidence list file location:

S:\Source Data\Fast Food Corp\Jumbo Shrimp Vs Popcorn Shrimp\Evidence_Lists

Ensure proper formatting is used in the Python script - including escaping backslashes.

The Python script executes under the Scheduler service. If the script accesses file shares, ensure that the Rampiva Scheduler service runs under a service account which has access and appropriate permissions to those file shares.



Script text, from previous image.

1 2 3 4 import os baseFolder="\\\\nuixlab\\S\\Source Data" evidenceList= baseFolder+"\\"+client_name+"\\"+matter_name+"\\evidence_lists" result= os.listdir(evidenceList)

For additional information on scripted Allowed Parameters and for scripts in other languages, see the Rampiva Scheduler help file on this topic.

D. Test Allowed Parameter Operation


Create a Job using the same Client that was configured in the previous steps and workflow.

Ensure that you have files in the prescribed location set in Section C.1.


If completed correctly, the Evidence List parameter should populate with the filenames of items from the specified directory.